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She wanted to live life liberate but was tied down by responsibilities.

She wanted to soar freely, but society encaged her.

She didn’t believe in priorities but rather she dealt with what’s in front of her.

All she wanted was to explore, but she was limited in resources, time, knowledge.

She was told to wait until she has bloomed, but she was scared because she could hear the clock ticking, any second could be her last. But the universe assured her she got all the time in the world. As for now, she have to be equipped.

But she knew better. Compelled by aversion, she was led to rebellion.

And despite the warnings she wandered in the absence of authority. And in her wandering, she lost her self. She tried not to care but did anyway.

Now, she’s still lost in the labyrinth of life but she couldn’t be any happier.

To my future Love

To my future Love,

You are God’s promise to me.

First & foremost, I want to apologize for being impatient. For getting into short-term relationships, for investing my time & money, for giving a part of me to the wrong ones, for treating love like it’s a game & for being selfish. But from this day onwards, I will remain faithful to you. Fully surrendering to God our fate. I can’t think of a better author to orchestrate this love story, other than Love Himself.

I am gradually learning what patience is, realizing you are worth the wait. I am learning to embrace this season, enjoying & fully living every second of it. Thank you for giving me this time to be on my own; to learn to love myself deeply & completely, to focus on myself more than ever, to grow in faith & virtue, to gain the knowledge & experience I need, to finish my degree, to build a foundation for my career, to travel & meet people, to build friendships, to understand life, to make memories & BE THE VERY BEST OF ME.

I cannot wait for this love to be ignited. And I want you to know that if you meet me you would see that I am complete without you but with you, I can be so much better. I want us to grow together & support each other grow individually. I want us to be partners, to help each other every time. I want you to be my #1 fan & my biggest critic, be honest with me, always. Don’t sugar coat things, tell me how it really is & put me in my place. I want you to be my prayer partner, my church buddy, my accountability. Let us put God at the center & core of this relationship that He may be glorified. I also want to see the world with you, to explore the nature’s beauty & be in awe at the same time. Oh, I love to eat I expect you to be the same but we will also hit the gym often & honor God with our body. And lastly, more than lovers, we will be best friends, I want to be your greatest confidante. I want us to be able to share everything, our secrets, our families, our friends, our resources, our problems. I want us to build a life TOGETHER, no inhibitions.

Our romance will defy the world’s view of love. We will prove them wrong. Love can be infinite, monogamous, & blissful. We will be the epitome of unconditional love, we will love one another as our Heavenly Father love us. As I am preparing myself for you, I know you are doing the same. I can’t wait to fall deeply madly in love with you.

With love & sincerity,

Your future Sweetheart.

P. S. : I am praying for you.


A friend of mine has a blog wherein she writes about the important people in her life. I love how she is so good with words, and the way she writes is just amazing, so raw yet so beautiful.

Here is something she has to say about me. This was really flattering.


If she is not around, you’d notice. Her absence speaks as much as she talks. Indeed, she’s a chatterbox… She never, never, runs out of things to say. You may be put off at how talkative she is initially, but this is the very thing you’d long for once she’s not in close proximity.

Her presence is life itself… I’ve never met someone so animated, with such a unique perspective of things. She can give her two cents at something and it would leave me questioning my own opinion. She engages you in lively banter because she is infinitely intriguing, and there is so much in her to share.

She came from a family whose members are a lot similar to how she is. They actually remind me of a top-rated sitcom; apart from the amusing entertainment, they’ve victoriously conquered conflicts that birthed a lifetime of lessons. It’s no mystery she turned out to be the dynamic girl that she is. There isn’t a dull moment when she’s there.

She is cunning, but clever. Cunning would sound demeaning to some but that is not the case when coupled with being clever. She puts her intuitive knowledge of how things work completely to her advantage. A survivor, this one. You can’t predict what she thinks, and if you think you can see through her, you’d be mistaken. Maybe in that moment you can figure her out, but not long after that, she already changed her mind.

I can’t say she’s indecisive… She’s not, because she knows what she wants. She could just be overwhelmed with her options. She may long for security at this point in her life but I admire the way she can cruise through it without necessarily feeling the need to look back all the time… She lives for the thrill of the moment, and the rush of life with no pause, and no break. Bliss is her friend, but it isn’t through ignorance that they’re acquainted. She takes life lightly, as we should all try… It makes the ride more fun. As they say, since you’re already in the party, you might as well dance.

In such a short amount of time that I know her, I am sure I’d like to keep her here as much as I can… For even if she can be extremely unpredictable, I know deep within that there’s something in her we can be sure of; she has a genuine heart, and it’s a firm source of love

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The One That Got Away

I miss you.

You & Me, one day & till that day comes I will patiently be waiting. The chemistry is undeniable, the spark is electrifying. I would trade any day for a time spent with you. I just miss you so much that it breaks me.

Would I rather have not met you? Yes? No? Maybe? I’m not really sure. But if I were to be honest, there are days I wished I didn’t know you. I’m pretty sure I’ll never meet anyone as awesome as you are, as smart ass as you are (I meant this as a compliment), as great as you are, as intellectual, as fetching… the list goes on. You’ve set the bar pretty high. I feel bad for those to follow, not that I hope of it ‘cuz one thing is for certain I want you, only you.

I pray that one day our paths will once again cross. I’ll see it as fate working its magic. It’ll be the day we’ll fall in love, hopefully.

Your eyes captivates me, there is nothing I wish than to be lost in your emerald eyes. Your lips so soft and coy, I could just kiss them all day. And the way you hold me in your arms, I don’t want you to let go. I never felt more secured. The way your body responds to mine, how we tend to move in rhythm. I can just feel the connection.

Every words you spoke it hit a nerve in me. It wasn’t all sweet talks but even your intellectual remarks brought me in awe. At a young age how can you know so much? I love how you got all your shits figured out. I’ve never met someone who is as passionate as you are in what they’re doing. And thinking you’re just 19, I was picturing a fickle minded bloke but not you. You’re certain of what you want to do and you’re doing it. You didn’t cave in in what the society dictates you to be. But rather you knew what you want and you went for it. I’ll never get tired hearing stories of what you do and I bet you’ll never get tired telling them. But then there are times I wished for you to shut-up and divert your emphasis at me. As I am in the process of knowing you I hope the same for you too. Because more than skin deep are thousand things to love about me.


Remember our first meeting? How I caught you staring at me, but despite that you didn’t look away and I found myself staring right back at you. There’s something about the way you looked at me and that smile that lit in your face. It was so innocent, I fell for it. I just have to know you. Luckily, you asked for my name and damn! I didn’t hesitate. You were the first guy I actually dated, most guys they fall in the category of “guys I just went out with.”

I remember our first date. T’was also the day we first met. I actually thought you’d reach me the next day or maybe you’re the “3 days” kinda guy but I guess you weren’t. You texted me 2 hours after we parted, you asked if I wanted to grab dinner. The way you asked me out, cliche! But I love how casual it sounded but straight forward, you didn’t have to do the “hi hello are you single? What’s your like, dislike?” I mean we could have just texted all night but you rather know me in person, And it’s very unlikely for a guy to want to see a girl twice in one day.

I remember seeing you waiting behind the cars, you were unsure if I was going to show-up, I did the classic girl move where I’ll let you wait for 5-8 minutes. I remember how we strolled along the road with no definite plans, we just kept on walking and walking looking for a kebab restaurant but unfortunately didn’t find any. I apologized for being so picky but then you said “atleast I get to spend more time with you.”

It wasn’t the best first date, not mention how many times I compared you to my ex. And when you dropped me off, you were interrogated by my bestfriend. The night couldn’t have been more terrorizing. But it did. I coerced you to sing for me, infront of my bestfriend, knowing you’re an introvert it meant a lot to me. I honestly didn’t expect for a second date but then I received a text from you at a very ungodly hour, telling me how much you enjoyed the night and how you want to know me more. I wasn’t able to sleep that night. I just can’t wait for our second date.

I’m too young too conclude, but as far as watching & reading documentaries of successful people is concern. I think it’s safe to say that our world is stacked with dogmatic specialist but its the generalist that outdo life.